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About the Owner:
Leo Courtemanche has been in the industry as a spray painter & silkscreener since 1978. He established MVSP in 1987 and was responsible for day to day operations of the 30,000 sq ft paint/powder coat and silkscreen shop that also had textile and sign printing divisions.
In 200...

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Merrimack Valley Screen Print is

SilkScreens for the Electronic Industry


You supply the shop drawing, blueprints, samples 
or computer files.     We supply the rest.

.cdr  .dwg  .dxf  
.ai  .eps  .pdf

We can fabricate silkscreens for use 
in your shop;
• Standard
• Oversized
• Custom fit
• Metal-edge

Our standard procedure is to email a pdf proof of your artwork prior to producing your screens and if requested, we can supply a film positive (additional charges apply).
 Your proof will be the exact image as on your silkscreen and you should carefully review it.
** Please note that while we make every effort to create the artwork exactly to your requirements, it is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of the file.

Click here to send attachments to mvsp@comcast.net  

There are several things we need in order to process your job:
A Dimensional drawing  {.dxf, .dwg, .ai} this file should contain all measurements.  
A Graphic File  {.ai, .cdr, .fh, .psd, etc.} This file should contain all graphics to be printed on your part.

 We ask that you convert your fonts to outlines or curves, this way there won't be any font problems or font defaulting.

If your file is very large, or you don't have the option to convert fonts, please tell us the font name or send the font when you send your files, and include a pdf file of your artwork so we can see exactly what your art should look like...

If your file is created in a program we don't have listed, most programs have an option to "save as eps," or "export as eps." This may work for us. If this option is not available, a generic .ps (postscript) file may work. (Use the "print to file" option in your print dialog box.) 

You can attach your artwork files to an e-mail and send them to us. Please (zip) compress large files for easy transfer and for safety. Please include your part number, PO number or company name in the subject line of your e-mail.  

 What’s the difference between Bitmap and Vector?  
Vector images are often used for logos, letterheads, texts, and other designs.  The image can be resized without effecting its quality. Hence, the logo will look the same on a business card as it will on a billboard.    

Vector,  unlike bitmap images, are not constructed with pixels.  Vector graphics are defined by mathematical descriptions and instructions and consist of straight and or curves lines, which are then connected from one point to another to form simple shapes, with colored fills and gradients, or more complex and intricate graphics    

The greatest advantage of vectors over bitmaps is that they can be scaled up or down to any size without loss of quality.  

Vector graphics can be easily converted into bitmap, but it is not so easy to convert bitmap into vector.   

It should be explained that Bitmap and Vector graphics/images both have their place in the world of graphics, but need to be used in the right place.
** It is also worth mentioning that file extensions/ file formats don’t always indicate whether a file contains Bitmap or Vector information. For example a TIFF or JPEG will always be Bitmap, but EPS, PS or PDF may contain Bitmap, Vector or both together. 

Bitmap (AKA Raster) graphics/images are made up of pixels and normally captured from a digital camera or scanner. Pixels are small squares with a numerical value which depicts the color of each pixel. These pixels are mapped into a grid and the different color shades of the pixels together form the overall image. If the right ratio of size of image and the number of pixels which it contains are set correctly, then the image should be perceived as continuous tone, meaning that the square pixels cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

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